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#summary Provides a web interface to stored chatroom logs
#labels Stage-Beta

= Introduction =

This module provides a built-in web interface to view chatroom logs stored by [mod_mam_muc].

= Installation =

Just copy the folder muc_log_http as it is, into the modules folder of your Prosody installation.

= Configuration Details =

You need to add muc_log_http to your global modules_enabled, and the configuration options similarly must be put into your global (server-wide) options section:

	Component "" "muc"
	modules_enabled = {
	storage = {
		muc_log = "sql2"; -- for example

The web interface would then be reachable at the address:

See [ the page about Prosodys HTTP server] for info about the address.

= Compatibility =

Requires Prosody 0.10 or above and a storage backend with support for stanza archives.