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#summary Granular remote host blacklisting plugin
#labels Stage-Stable

= Details =

As often it's undesiderable to employ only whitelisting logics in public environments, this module let's you more selectively
restrict access to your hosts (component or server host) either disallowing access completely (with optional exceptions) or 
blacklisting certain sources.

= Usage =

Copy the plugin into your prosody's modules directory.
And add it between your enabled modules into the global section (modules_enabled):

 * The plugin can work either by blocking all remote access (s2s) to a certain resource with optional exceptions (useful for components)
 * Or by selectively blocking certain remote hosts through blacklisting (by using host_guard_selective and host_guard_blacklisting)

Module configuration syntax:
<code language="lua">
host_guard_blockall = { "", "" } -- insert here the local hosts where you want to forbid all remote traffic to.
host_guard_blockall_exceptions = { "" } -- optional exceptions for the above.
host_guard_selective = { "", "" } -- insert here the local hosts where you want to employ blacklisting.
host_guard_blacklist = { "", "" } -- above option/mode mandates the use of a blacklist, you may blacklist remote servers here.

The above is updated when the server configuration is reloaded so that you don't need to restart the server.

= Compatibility =

 * Works with 0.8.x, successive versions and trunk.