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#summary XEP-0016: Privacy Lists
#labels Stage-Alpha

= Introduction =

Implements [ XEP-0016: Privacy Lists]

= Details =

UNFINISHED! Currently in development.

== TODO ==
  * If a client attempts to create or update a list with non-unique order values, the server MUST return to the client a "bad-request" stanza error.
  * Examples 29-51

=== special TODO's ===
  * Privacy lists MUST be the first delivery rule applied by a server, superseding (1) the routing and delivery rules specified in server rules for handling XML stanzas defined in RFC 3921 and (2) the handling of subscription-related presence stanzas (and corresponding generation of roster pushes) specified in RFC 3921.
  * When a resource attempts to remove a list or specify a new default list while that list applies to a connected resource other than the sending resource, the server MUST return a "conflict" error to the sending resource and MUST NOT make the requested change.
  * Example 18. Client attempts to change the default list but that list is in use by another resource
  * Example 22. Client attempts to decline a default list but that list is in use by another resource