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#summary XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands
#labels Stage-Beta

= Introduction =

implementation of [ XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands], which allows clients to execute commands on the Prosody server. This plugin adds no commands itself, see the other `mod_adhoc_*` plugins for those.

This module along with the other adhoc modules in prosody-modules are included in Prosody as of 0.8, making this plugin unnecessary for users of this version and later.

= Details =

Will offer any adhoc command registered via 'module:add_item("adhoc", ....)'.

= Usage =

First copy (or symlink) the directory "adhoc" which contains mod_adhoc to your plugins directory.
Load mod_adhoc and then any module which provides an adhoc command, such as 

If you want to build your own adhoc command, just register your adhoc command module with 
module:add_item and a descriptor for your command.

A descriptor can be created like this:
local adhoc_new = module:require "adhoc".new;
local descriptor = adhoc_new("Name", "node", handler);
module:add_item ("adhoc", descriptor)

A handler gets 2 parameters. A data table and a state.

The data table has 4 fields:
||to||The to attribute of the stanza to be handled||
||from||The from attribute of the stanza to be handled||
||action||The action to be performed as specified in the stanza to be handled||
||form||If the to be handled stanza contains a form this will contain the form element||

The handler should return two items. A data table and a state.
The state will be saved and passed to the handler on invocation for any adhoc stanza with the same sessionid. If a session has ended the state returned should be nil.

The returned table can have the following fields:
||status||Status of the command (One of: "completed", "canceled", "error")||yes||
||error||A table with the fields "type", "condition" and "message"||when status is "error"||
||info||Informational text for display to the user||no||
||warn||A warning for the user||no||
||actions||The actions avaiable to the client||no||
||form||A dataform to be filled out by the user||no||
||result||A dataform of type result to be presented to the user||no||
||other||Any other XML to be included in the response to the user||no||

For a simple module and details have a look at mod_adhoc_cmd_ping.

= Compatibility =
||0.6||Most commands work||
||0.8||Included in Prosody||