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#summary Web administration interface
#labels Stage-Beta
= Introduction =

This module provides a basic web administration interface.
It currently gives you access to Ad-Hoc commands on any virtual host or component that you are set as an administrator for in the Prosody config file. It also provides a live list of all S2S and C2S connections.

= Configuration Details =

"admin_web" needs to be added to the modules_enabled table of the host you want to load this module on.

By default the interface will then be reachable under ``, and also ``.

The module will automatically enable two other modules if they aren't already: mod_bosh (used to connect to the server from the web), and mod_admin_adhoc (which provides admin commands over XMPP).

VirtualHost ""
   modules_enabled = {
       "bosh"; -- Required, auto-loaded in 0.9
       "admin_adhoc"; -- Required, auto-loaded in 0.9

= Compatibility =