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#summary Simple XMPP-over-websocket support
#labels Stage-Alpha

= Introduction =

[http:// WebSockets] is a new protocol for providing web pages with simple two-way communication with a web server.

In our case it is interesting to tunnel XMPP over !WebSockets, as an alternative to e.g. BOSH, !WebSockets having less overhead.

Note that the XMPP over !WebSocket specification has not been finalized, and is still evolving. There are few XMPP libraries capable of !WebSockets, among them:
  * [ Lightstring]
  * Strophe.js branches:
    * [ Gordin's branch]
    * [ Superfeedr's branch]

= Usage =

Simply add mod_websocket to your modules_enabled list, as you would any other module. The repository includes a demo websocket.html file to show connecting to the socket. It doesn't perform any XMPP.

A cross_domain_websocket option is supported.
Set it to true to enable cross-domain requests from all websites,
or specify a list like
cross_domain_websocket = { "", "" };

= Compatibility =
||< 0.9||Not supported||