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#summary IRC to XMPP interface to allow IRC clients to connect to chatrooms
#labels Stage-Alpha Deprecated

*NOTE: Consider this module currently more of a fun experiment than a serious project for use in production. Note the 'alpha' tag and have fun!*

= Introduction =

Whether you like it or not, XMPP is the future, but that pesky IRC just won't go away :)

With this module you can set up a special host on your server to allow connections from IRC clients and bots. They are able to join XMPP chatrooms on a specified conference server.

= Usage =
In your config file put something similar to the following:

Component "" "ircd"
    conference_server = "" -- required
    listener_port = 7000

If you don't want your IRC users to have connectivity outside your server then there is no need for the hostnames you specify to be valid DNS entries.

= Warning =

The plugin stability, and/or serving compatibility with most of the IRC clients is yet to be determined.

= Install =

This release requires the [ Verse client library] as dependancy and [ Squish] to meld it with the plugin.

Instructions (temporarily changed):
 * Clone the Squish repo and/or download the latest tip from it (in that case you'll have to decompress the tip zip/tarball)
 * In your Squish directory type make install
 * Back into your mod_ircd directory call squish with --verse=./verse/verse.lua
 * Move the mod_ircd.lua file to your prosody's plugins directory

= Compatibility =
||0.6||Doesn't work||

= Todo =
  * Authentication
  * SSL
  * Many improvements to handling of IRC and XMPP