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#summary Automatically reload modules with the config
#labels Stage-Stable

= Introduction =

By default Prosody does not reload modules at runtime unless instructed to via one of its admin interfaces. However sometimes you want to easily reload a module to apply new settings when the config changes.

mod_reload_modules will reload a set list of modules every time Prosody reloads its config (e.g. on SIGHUP).

= Configuration =

Add "reload_modules" to modules_enabled. Then the list of modules to reload using the 'reload_modules' option in your config like so:

    reload_modules = { "groups", "tls" }

This would reload mod_groups and mod_tls whenever the config is reloaded. Note that on many systems this will be at least daily, due to logrotate.

= Compatibility =
|| 0.9 || Works ||