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Fix examples of zone and rate definitions
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 FROM is a condition, and DROP is an action. This is about as simple as it gets. How about heading to the other extreme? Let's demonstrate something more complex that mod_firewall can do for you:
-ZONE myorganisation: staff.myorg.example, support.myorg.example
+%ZONE myorganisation: staff.myorg.example, support.myorg.example
 ENTERING: myorganisation
 KIND: message
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
 Zones are defined at the top of a script with the following syntax (they are not part of a rule block):
-ZONE myzone: host1, host2, user@host3,
+%ZONE myzone: host1, host2, user@host3,
 A host listed in a zone also matches all users on that host (but not subdomains).
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 First, you must define any rate limits that you are going to use in your script. Here we create a limiter called 'normal' that will allow 2 stanzas per second, and then we define a rule to bounce messages when over this limit. Note that the `RATE` definition is not part of a rule (multiple rules can share the same limiter).
-RATE normal: 2 (burst 3)
+%RATE normal: 2 (burst 3)
 KIND: message
 LIMIT: normal