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 = Details =
-It will offer any adhoc command which is registered with "module:add_item("adhoc", ....".
+Will offer any adhoc command registered via 'module:add_item("adhoc", ....)'.
 = Usage =
+First copy (or symlink) the directory "adhoc" which contains mod_adhoc to your plugins directory.
 Load mod_adhoc and then any module which provides an adhoc command, such as 
 If you want to build your own adhoc command, just register your adhoc command module with 
 module:add_item and a dictonary with name, node and a handler.
 module:add_item ("adhoc", { name="Ping", node="ping", handler=ping_command_handler });
-Or have a look into mod_adhoc_cmd_ping for better details.
+Such a dictionary can be created for you using functionality provided by mod_adhoc like this:
+local adhoc_new = module:require "adhoc".new;
+local descriptor = adhoc_new("Name", "node", handler);
+module:add_item ("adhoc", descriptor)
+This will additionally grant you the possibility to use
+desc:cmdtag(status, sessionID, action)
+to create a new command tag from within your handler.
+In this example desc is the first parameter to your handler.
+For a simple module and details have a look at mod_adhoc_cmd_ping.
 = Compatibility =