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 #summary Redirect long messages to built-in pastebin
-#labels Stage-Beta
+#labels Stage-Stable
 = Introduction =
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 = Configuration =
 ||pastebin_ports||List of ports to run the HTTP server on, same format as mod_httpserver's http_ports||
-||pastebin_threshold||Minimum length (in characters) of a message to be sent to the pastebin (default 500 characters)||
+||pastebin_threshold||Maximum length (in characters) of a message that is allowed to skip the pastebin. (default 500 characters)||
+||pastebin_line_threshold||The maximum number of lines a message may have before it is sent to the pastebin. (default 4 lines)||
+||pastebin_trigger||A string of characters (e.g. "!paste ") which if detected at the start of a message, always sends the message to the pastebin, regardless of length. (default: not set)||
 ||pastebin_url||Base URL to display for pastebin links, must end with / and redirect to Prosody's built-in HTTP server||
 ||pastebin_expire_after||Number of hours after which to expire (remove) a paste, defaults to 24||
 = Compatibility =
 = Todo =