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+#summary Simple XMPP-over-websocket support
+#labels Stage-Alpha
+= Introduction =
+[ Web Sockets] is a new protocol for providing web pages with simple two-way communication with a web server.
+In our case it is interesting to tunnel XMPP over web sockets, as an alternative to e.g. BOSH, web sockets having less overhead.
+Note that the Web Socket specification has not been finalized, and is still evolving. There are currently no XMPP libraries capable of Web Sockets, but a good candidate for initial support is [ Strophe.js].
+= Usage =
+Simply add mod_websocket to your modules_enabled list, as you would any other module. The repository includes a demo websocket.html file to show connecting to the socket. It doesn't yet perform any XMPP (see above comment about Strophe).
+= Compatibility =
+||0.6||Not supported||
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