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 For now the port number used by the plugin is hardcoded to be 7000, if you want to change it, you'll need to edit the plugin file just search for "7000" in your text editor and replace it with your port of choice.
 Also the plugin stability, and/or serving compatibility with most of the IRC clients is yet to be determined.
+= Install =
+This release requires the [ client library] as dependancy and [] to meld it with the plugin.
+ * Clone both the Verse/Squish repo and/or download the latest tips from 'em (in that case you'll have to decompress the tip zips/tarballs)
+ * Edit Verse's squish file so that all plugins cept the presence and groupchat ones will be commented
+ * In your Squish directory type make install
+ * Run squish.lua --use-http into your Verse's directory, and move verse.lua into where mod_ircd files from google code's HG are stored
+ * Run squish.lua again
+ * Move the mod_ircd.out.lua to your prosody's pĂlugin directory renaming it back to mod_ircd.lua
 = Compatibility =