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mod_auth_external: Clarify the protocol a bit more.
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 Prosody executes the given command/script, and sends it queries.
 Your auth script should simply read a line from standard input, and write the result to standard output.
+It must do this in a loop, until there's nothing left to read. Prosody can keep sending more lines to the script,
+with a command on each line.
 Each command is one line, and the response is expected to be a single line containing "0" for failure or "1" for success.
+Your script must respond with "0" for anything it doesn't understand.
 There are three commands used at the moment:
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 Example: {{{}}}
-Your script must respond with "0" for anything it can't handle.
 == ejabberd compatibilty ==
 ejabberd implements a similar protocol. The main difference is that Prosody's protocol is line-based, while ejabberd's is length-prefixed.