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core: typo
author Goffi <>
date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 23:41:06 +0100
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--- a/src/core/	Tue Mar 13 22:04:03 2012 +0100
+++ b/src/core/	Wed Mar 14 23:41:06 2012 +0100
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@
 class SatVersionHandler(generic.VersionHandler):
     def getDiscoInfo(self, requestor, target, node):
-        #XXX: We need to work around wokkel's behavious (namespace not added if there is a
+        #XXX: We need to work around wokkel's behaviour (namespace not added if there is a
         # node) as it cause issues with XEP-0115 & PEP (XEP-0163): there is a node when server
         # ask for disco info, and not when we generate the key, so the hash is used with different
         # disco features, and when the server (seen on ejabberd) generate its own hash for security check