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implemented experimental "consistent_publisher" option: /!\ pgsql schema needs to be updated /!\ New "consistent_publisher" option has been implemented to allow node owners + admins to modify an item while preserving the original publisher. This way, original publisher can still edit the item. In addition to `consistent_publisher`, `max_items` has been added to PGQSL schema to prepare for future implementation.
author Goffi <>
date Wed, 12 Jun 2019 21:51:50 +0200
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-- we check version of the database before doing anything
-- and stop execution if not good
DO $$
DECLARE ver text;
    SELECT value INTO ver FROM metadata WHERE key='version';
    IF NOT FOUND OR ver!='2' THEN
        RAISE EXCEPTION 'This update file needs to be applied on database schema version 2, you use version %',ver;
    END IF;
-- end of version check

/* we add "presence" access model */
ALTER TABLE nodes DROP CONSTRAINT nodes_access_model_check;
ALTER TABLE nodes ADD CHECK (access_model IN ('open', 'presence', 'publisher-roster', 'whitelist', 'publish-only', 'self-publisher'));

/* and schema column */
ALTER TABLE nodes ADD COLUMN schema xml;

/* we want xml types for items data too */
ALTER TABLE items ALTER data TYPE xml using data::xml;

UPDATE metadata SET value='3' WHERE key='version';