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author Goffi <>
date Sun, 06 Jan 2019 17:30:04 +0100
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	- PEP: presence and +notify initial support
	- PEP: notifications for auto subscribers
	- added "presence" access model
	- implemented affiliations
	- items are now ordered by default using last update date. This is actually the order corresponding to the XEP
	- item creation and modification are now saved in 2 separate fields
	- "roster" access model has been renamed to "publisher-roster"
	- re-implemented feature which allows an entity to retract an item from somebody else node (i.e. a node from which he is neither owner or publisher) if he is the publisher of the item.
    - implemented "Order-By" protoXEP
	- node schema experimental features (use a data form as a schema for a node)
	- serial ids experimental feature (ids in series like 1, 2, 3, etc.)
	- SàT Pubsub can now be configured using the same config file as SàT iiself, i.e. "sat.conf"
	- MAM: filtering by categories
	- MAM and RSM various improvments
	- replaced sat.tmp by new independent sat_tmp module, so now SàT Pubsub can be used independently of SàT
	- (bug fix) fixed security check which was rejecting all delegations from external servers
	- (bug fix) fixed publisher check on item publishing
	- various other fixes/improvments, checks the mercurial logs for details

v 0.2 (02/12/2015):
	- schema updated (unversioned => version 1)
	- sync with Idavoll
	- use of sat.tmp.wokkel as a workaround for change not merged upstream
	- RSM (XEP-0059) implementation
	- MAM (XEP-0313) implementation
	- Namespace Delegation (XEP-0355) implementation
	- Privileged Entity (XEP-0356) implementation
	- removed remote-roster hack
	- SàT PubSub can be used as a PEP service (PEP implementation not complete yet)
	- item publisher is enforced
	- categories handling (not complete)
	- pgsql: schema version is checked, and a message asking to upgrade is displayed if needed

v 0.1.1 (09/09/2014):
    bugfix release

v 0.1.0 (24/02/2014):