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     - PEP: presence and +notify initial support
     - PEP: notifications for auto subscribers
     - added "presence" access model
@@ -11,18 +11,21 @@
     - node schema experimental features (use a data form as a schema for a node)
     - serial ids experimental feature (ids in series like 1, 2, 3, etc.)
     - pubsub admin experimental feature (publish item and specify the publisher, only for admin users)
+    - consistent_publisher experimental feature (preserve publisher when owner or admin update an item)
     - SàT Pubsub can now be configured using the same config file as SàT itself, i.e. "sat.conf"
     - new "admins_jids_list" setting, to specify a comma separated list of admin bare jids.
-    - admins can delete node, change schema, change config or delete items even if they are not owner of a node
+    - admins can delete node, change schema, change config, delete or overwrite items even if they are not owner of a node
     - MAM: filtering by categories
-    - MAM and RSM various improvments
+    - MAM and RSM various improvements
     - replaced sat.tmp by new independent sat_tmp module, so now SàT Pubsub can be used independently of SàT
     - item id is returned on publish if it is not provided already
     - (bug fix) fixed security check which was rejecting all delegations from external servers
     - (bug fix) fixed publisher check on item publishing
-    - various other fixes/improvments, checks the mercurial logs for details
+    - removed some old code inherited from Idavoll
+    - various other fixes/improvements, checks the mercurial logs for details
+    - documentation in /doc (using ReStructuredText and Sphinx)
-v 0.2 (02/12/2015):
+v 0.2.0 (02/12/2015):
     - schema updated (unversioned => version 1)
     - sync with Idavoll
     - use of sat.tmp.wokkel as a workaround for change not merged upstream