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date Fri, 28 Feb 2020 18:10:58 +0100
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         - new "extra" menu appear in header's widget seletor of widgets. Clicking on it
           will open a side menu with some common actions (like showing about screen) +
           possibliy platform specific actions.
+        - an extra window can be created on suitable platform in the extra menu
+        - file dropping is handled on compatible platforms
         - (chat) infinite scroll
         - (chat) media uploads use AES-GCM if session is encrypted
         - (chat) "chat selector" screen, to select an entity/room to chat with/in
-        - (chat) touching/clicking an avatar in a group chat will add the nickname in
-          message input box.
+        - (chat) notifications counter is shown on entities in chat selector
+        - (chat) touching/clicking an avatar in a group chat will add the
+          nickname in message input box.
+        - (chat) incoming attachments are now shown in a user friendly way
+        - (chat) outgoing attachments are handled in a user friendly way, files
+          are not send immediately anymore (user needs to send explicitly the
+          message)
+        - (chat) multiple images in attachments are grouped in collections
+        - (chat) new extra menu in header, allows notably to close the chat/leave the room
+        - (chat) images viewer
+        - various UI/UX fixes/improvments
     - Cagou (Android):
         - Cagou now appears in the "share" menu
         - "back" button on root widget put app in background
         - better notifications (sound + vibration, can be modified in settings)
+        - opening a notification now opens the right widget in Cagou
         - autoconnect profiles which are autoconnected in backend (there should be only
           one at the moment)
+        - reopen last selected widget on startup
         - "disconnect" item in the new "extra" menu. With it, the profile connected
           automatically can be disconnected.
         - autoconnect parameters are hidden (not useful for end-user, and can actually be
@@ -48,6 +61,7 @@
         - file/upload handle encryption
         - various improvments
         - (blog) added --language to common publish arguments
+        - (blog) added --no-publish argument to avoid accidental publication
         - (pubsub/set) publish options can be specified with -f and -F
         - (profile/create, profile/modify) --autoconnect argument