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tools (common/template): typos
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date Sun, 03 May 2020 13:40:04 +0200
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--- a/sat/tools/common/	Fri May 01 16:26:39 2020 +0200
+++ b/sat/tools/common/	Sun May 03 13:40:04 2020 +0200
@@ -612,9 +612,9 @@
         styles_extra.css, styles.css, highlight.css and fonts.css are always used if they
         For each found file, if a file with the same name and "_noscript" suffix exists,
-        it will be return is second part of resulting tuple.
+        it will be returned is second part of resulting tuple.
         For instance, if template_data is (some_site, some_theme, blog/articles.html),
-        following files are returned, earch time trying [some_site root] first,
+        following files are returned, each time trying [some_site root] first,
         then default site (i.e. sat_templates) root:
             - some_theme/static/styles.css is returned if it exists
               else default/static/styles.css
@@ -865,12 +865,12 @@
         """Render a template
         @param template(unicode): template to render (e.g. blog/articles.html)
-        @param site(unicide): site name
+        @param site(unicode): site name
             None or empty string for defaut site (i.e. SàT templates)
         @param theme(unicode): template theme
         @param media_path(unicode): prefix of the SàT media path/URL to use for
             template root. Must end with a u'/'
-        @param css_files(list[unicode],None): CSS files to used
+        @param css_files(list[unicode],None): CSS files to use
             CSS files must be in static dir of the template
             use None for automatic selection of CSS files based on template category
             None is recommended. General static/style.css and theme file name will be