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 You can automatically install SàT and his dependencies using easy_install or pip. You will however need to install Python's headers (needed to build some packages), WxPython which is available in most Gnu/Linux distributions, PyGObject and developments version of libxml2 and libxslt (to compile lxml python library).
+NOTE: pyfeed are xe are mandatory dependencies, they should be on (PYthon Package Index, the officiel repository for Python projects) and so being automatically installed; but there are not yet there (their author should do it soon), so you have to install them manually until then.
+You can download them respectively on and, then decompress them and do « python install » on both.
+An other way is to use the (unsecure) pip options --process-dependency-links and --allow-all-external when installing sat, options which are or will be removed soon from pip.
 The environment variable SAT_INSTALL customise the installation, it contains flags separated by spaces:
 	- "nopreinstall" skip all preinstallation checks
 	- "autodeb" automatically install missing packages on Debian based distributions