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 Pyfeed and Xe:
 SàT core and Libervia use pyfeed and xe (, 2 libraries made Steve R. Hastings really useful to parse/generate xml stuff as atom feeds.
+this powerful and efficient XML parsing module is used sometimes to replace Twisted internal tools: its API is handy, and it have some features like evil content cleaning.
+This image manipulation module is used for avatars
 Libervia use txJSON-RPC (, a twisted library to communicate with the browser's javascript throught JSON-RPC
-Mutagen ( is an audio metadata handling library, it's use by the radiocol plugin.
+Mutagen ( is an audio metadata handling library, it's used by the radiocol plugin.
+Python OTR (, PyCrypto ( and pyOpenSSL(
+Used for cryptography
 otr.js and its dependencies Big Integer Library, CryptoJS, EventEmitter:
 Libervia frontend uses otr.js and its dependencies:
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     - EventEmitter was coded by Oliver Caldwell (2011-2013) and is released under the MIT licence
 As the original licences allow, the code is reused and sub-licenced until GPL v3 to follow the rest of the code.
+mardown ( and html2text (
+both are used for syntaxes conversions
+miniupnp (
+this UPnP-IGD implementation is used to facilitate P2P sessions
+netifaces (
+when available, this module is used to detect local IPs
 pictures found in the sat_media repository and used by SàT and Libervia:
 Please read the credits and licence information that are given in the README and COPYING files for each work:
 the powerfull ImageMagick ( is used by the script written to split the previously named picture.
+PyXDF (
+Used to follow FreeDesktop XDG standards
+A special thank to people working on XMPP standards, libre standards are the way to go !
 and the others:
 and of course, nothing would be possible without Python (, GNU and the Free Software Foundation (,, the Linux Kernel (, and the coder of the tools I use like Vim (, Mercurial (, or all the KDE stuff ( and of course, and also XFCE (, etc. Thanks thanks thanks, thanks to everybody in the Free (Libre) chain for making a part of the dream.
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 PyCrypto >= 2.6.1
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-Recommended: markdown, html2text
+Recommended: markdown, html2text, netifaces, miniupnp
 Dependencies for the Jp frontend