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 In addition to pytest option, some flags can be set with the following arguments:
   Launch a VNC viewer to see in real time browser based tests. You must have ``vncviewer``
   executable available in your path (this is part of `TigerVNC`_)
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   Then run a python console with given instructions
+It's also good to know that in the e2e test environment, the following pytest plugins are
+installed and used:
+  To avoid having test stuck, it's good to terminate them after a while. A timeout of 60s
+  is set by default for each test (lower value can give false negatives, as some e2e tests
+  can be long, notably with Selenium).
+  Even if good testing practice normally means that tests can be run independently, in the
+  case of e2e tests we are using a real environment, and some tests do create files,
+  PubSub nodes, accounts, etc. It would be resource consuming to delete then recreate them
+  only to have standalone tests, thus to keep tests short and simple, some of them must be
+  run in order. The *dependecy* plugin is used to manage that, and will skip tests if one
+  of their dependencies is failing. The markup help also to document the tests order.
 .. _TigerVNC:
+.. _pytest-timeout:
+.. _pytest-dependency:
 common fixtures
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 RUN \
     # pytest and its plugins
-    pip install pytest pytest-timeout \
+    pip install pytest pytest-timeout pytest-dependency \
     # needed to test jp
     sh \
     # needed to test libervia