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*Add-on modules for Prosody IM Server*


Community repository for non-core, unofficial and/or experimental plugins 
for [Prosody][].

If you are a developer and would like to host your Prosody module in this 
repository, or want to contribute to existing modules, simply introduce 
yourself and request commit access on our [mailing list][].

Notes for users

There are lots of fun and exciting modules to be found here, we know 
you'll like it.  However please note that each module is in a different 
state of development.  Some are proof-of-concept, others are quite stable 
and ready for production use.  Be sure to read the wiki page of any 
module before installing it on your server.

We are working on methods to easily download and install modules from 
this repository.  In the meantime most modules are either a single file 
and easy to install, or contain installation instructions on their wiki 
page.  You can browse the files stored in this repository at 

Prosody 0.8x compatibility

Due to a number of backwards-incompatible API changes in Prosody 0.9, 
prosody-modules for 0.8 are now maintained separately at 

[mailing list]: