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+Guidelines for developers
+* Each module should be contained in a folder of its name (e.g. 
+  `mod_ping/mod_ping.lua`)
+* Each module should have a wiki page with a description, 
+  usage, configuration and todo sections (feel free to copy an 
+  existing one as a template)
+* Commit messages should begin with the name of the plugin they 
+  are for (e.g. `mod_ping: Set correct namespace on pongs`) 
+Instructions on cloning the repository are at 
+ - if you have 
+commit access you will also see a link on that page to view your Google 
+Code password (not the same as your Google account password) to push your 
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+*Add-on modules for Prosody IM Server*
+Community repository for non-core, unofficial and/or experimental plugins 
+for [Prosody][].
+If you are a developer and would like to host your Prosody module in this 
+repository, or want to contribute to existing modules, simply introduce 
+yourself and request commit access on our [mailing list][].
+Notes for users
+There are lots of fun and exciting modules to be found here, we know 
+you'll like it.  However please note that each module is in a different 
+state of development.  Some are proof-of-concept, others are quite stable 
+and ready for production use.  Be sure to read the wiki page of any 
+module before installing it on your server.
+We are working on methods to easily download and install modules from 
+this repository.  In the meantime most modules are either a single file 
+and easy to install, or contain installation instructions on their wiki 
+page.  You can browse the files stored in this repository at 
+Prosody 0.8x compatibility
+Due to a number of backwards-incompatible API changes in Prosody 0.9, 
+prosody-modules for 0.8 are now maintained separately at 
+[mailing list]: