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mod_delegation: update to XEP-0355 v0.5 - namespace bump to "urn:xmpp:delegation:2" - disco remaining infos now uses the XEP defined "urn:xmpp:delegation:2:bare:disco#info:*" namespace - complemeted disco remaining infos implementation for requests made on nodes not already managed by the server - bare JID disco items now uses the XEP defined "urn:xmpp:delegation:2:bare:disco#items:*'" namespace
author Goffi <>
date Fri, 15 Oct 2021 15:10:36 +0200
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- 'Stage-Stable'
summary: 'XEP-0288: Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections'


This module implements [XEP-0288: Bidirectional Server-to-Server
Connections]( It allows
servers to use a single connection for sending stanzas to each other,
instead of two connections (one for stanzas in each direction).

Install and enable it like any other module. It has no configuration.


  ------- --------------------------
  trunk   Bidi available natively with [mod_s2s_bidi][doc:modules:mod_s2s_bidi]
  0.11    Works
  0.10    Works
  0.9     Works
  0.8     Works (use the 0.8 repo)
  ------- --------------------------