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# Introduction

Many projects have a support room accessible via a web chat. This module
allows making the URL to such a web chat discoverable via the XMPP
service discovery protocol, enabling e.g. [search
engines]( to index and present these.

# Configuring

## Enabling

``` {.lua}
Component "" "muc"
modules_enabled = {

## Settings

The URL is configured using the in-band MUC room configuration protocol.

The module can optionally be configured to give all public (not
members-only, hidden or password protected) rooms gain a default value
based on a template:

``` {.lua}
muc_webchat_baseurl = "{node}"

The following variables will be subsituted with room address details:

:   The complete room address, eg ``ยท

:   The local part (before the `@`) of the room JID.

:   The domain name part of the room JID.