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 Where `$DIR` is `to` or `from`, `$STORE` is e.g. `archive` or `archive2`
 for MAM and `muc_log` for MUC logs. Finally, `$JID` is the JID of the
 user or MUC room to me migrated, which can be repeated.
+Data structure
+Data is split in three kinds of files and messages are grouped by day.
+Prosodys `util.datamanager` is used, so all special characters in these
+filenames are escaped and reside under `hostname/store` in Prosodys Data
+directory, commonly `/var/lib/prosody`.
+:   A list of dates in `YYYY-MM-DD` format.
+:   Index containing metadata for messages stored on that day.
+:   Messages in textual XML format, separated by newlines.
+This makes it fairly simple and fast to find messages by timestamp.
+Queries that are not time based, but limited to a specific contact may
+be expensive as potentially the entire archive will be read.
+Each archive ID is of the form `YYYY-MM-DD-random`, making lookups by
+archive id just as simple as time based queries.