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 description: Lossless CSI module
-- 'Stage-Alpha'
-Stanzas are queued in a buffer until either an "important" stanza is
-encountered or the buffer becomes full. Then all queued stanzas are sent
-at the same time. This way, nothing is lost or reordered while still
-allowing for power usage savings by not requiring mobile clients to
-bring up their radio for unimportant stanzas.
-Use with other CSI plugins such as [mod_throttle_presence] is *not*
+This module was merged into Prosody as
+[mod_csi_simple][doc:modules:mod_csi_simple] and has continued
+to evolve there. The version here might not receive updates anymore.
+Consider using mod_csi_simple or [mod_csi_battery_saver] instead.