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 This is an implementation of the server bits of [XEP-XXXX: Web Push].
-It allows clients to register a "push server" which is notified about new
+It allows web clients to register a "push server" which is notified about new
 messages while the user is offline, disconnected or the session is hibernated
 by [mod_smacks].
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 This module is heavily based on [mod_cloud_notify].
+[Push API]( is a specification by the W3C that
+is essentially the same principle as Mobile OS vendors' Push notification
+systems. It is implemented by most browsers vendors except Safari on iOS
+For more information, see:
+Compared to [XEP-0357: Push Notifications], Web Push doesn't need an App
+The general flow for subscription is:
+- XMPP server generate ECDH keypair, publishes public key
+- XMPP client generates an ECDH keypair
+- XMPP client fetches server public key
+- XMPP client subscribes to browser Push server using the Web Push API, and
+  gets back an HTTP endpoint
+- XMPP client enables Push notifications telling the server the HTTP endpoint,
+  and its public key
+The flow for notifications is as follow:
+- XMPP server receives an _important_[^1] message
+- XMPP server generates something something JWT + signature with ECDH key
+- XMPP server can optionally include payload encrypted for the client
+- XMPP server initiates HTTP POST request to the Push server
+- Push server sends notification to web browser
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 Configured in-band by supporting clients.
+[^1]: As defined in mod_cloud_notify, or mod_csi_simple.