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+# Introduction
+This module lets users specify which of the group chats they are in are
+less important. This influences when
+[mod_csi_simple][doc:modules:mod_csi_simple] decides to send
+stanzas vs waiting until there is more to send. Users in many large
+public channels might benefit from this.
+# Configuration
+The module is configured via ad-hoc an command called *Configure group
+chat priorities* that should appear in the menus of compatible clients.
+The command presents a form that accepts a list of XMPP addresses.
+Currently there is a single priority, *Lower priority*, which is
+suitable for e.g. noisy public channels. mod_csi_simple considers
+groupchat messages important by default on the assumptions that smaller
+and more important private chats are more common among most users.
+A message of type groupchat from an address in this list will not be
+considered important enough to send it to an inactive client, unless it
+is from the current user or mentions their nickname.