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 requires Prosody’s [internal statistics
 provider]( to be
 enabled.  You may also want to change the default collection interval
-to the one your statistics consumer is using.
+to the one your statistics consumer is using. See below for more information.
 statistics = "internal"
@@ -40,6 +40,20 @@
 protocol that is how you can customise its URL.  The default one being
+Scrape interval vs statistics_interval
+The `statistics_interval` should be set to `"manual"` on trunk if and only
+if you have a single Prometheus instance scraping Prosody. This will allow
+the internal statistics gathering to run optimally.
+If you have multiple instances scraping Prosody, set `statistics_interval`
+to the scrape interval of Prometheus to avoid errors in rate calculations
+and similar.
+Future work will allow the use of `"manual"` with multiple Prometheus
+instances and varying scrape intervals (stay tuned).