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+#summary Redirect long messages to built-in pastebin
+= Introduction =
+Pastebins are used very often in IM, especially in chat rooms. You have a long log or command output which you need to send to someone over IM, and don't want to fill their message window with it. Put it on a pastebin site, and give them the URL instead, simple.
+Not for everyone... no matter how hard you try, people will be unaware, or not care. They may also be too lazy to visit a pastebin. This is where mod_pastebin comes in!
+= Details =
+When someone posts to a room a "large" message, Prosody will intercept the message and convert it to a URL pointing to a built-in pastebin server. The URLs are randomly generated, so they can be considered for most purposes to be private, and cannot be discovered by people who are not in the room.
+= Usage =
+Load mod_pastebin onto the MUC component (interestingly it can also be loaded on normal hosts and it will intercept standard chat messages).
+For example:
+Component "" "muc"
+    modules_enabled = { "pastebin" }
+= Configuration =
+||pastebin_ports||List of ports to run the HTTP server on, same format as mod_httpserver's http_ports||
+= Todo =
+  * Configurable message length threshold
+  * Expire pastes
+  * Maximum paste length
+  * Web interface to submit pastes?
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