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+#summary XEP-0191: Simple Communications Blocking support
+#labels Stage-Alpha
+= Introduction =
+Privacy lists are a widely implemented protocol for instructing your server on blocking communications with selected users and services.
+However experience has shown that the power and flexibility of the rule-based system that privacy lists allow is very often much more complex than the user needs, and that in most cases a simple block on all communications to or from a list of specified JIDs would suffice.
+Such a protocol would also allow much simpler user interface design than the current attempts at full privacy list interfaces.
+= Details =
+Simple Communications Blocking was developed to solve the above issues, and allows the client to manage a simple list of blocked JIDs. This plugin implements support for that protocol in Prosody, however the actual blocking is still managed by mod_privacy, so it is *required* for that plugin to be loaded (this may change in future).
+= Configuration =
+Simply ensure that mod_privacy and mod_blocking are loaded in your modules_enabled list:
+    modules_enabled = {
+                    -- ...
+                    "privacy",
+                    "blocking",
+                    -- ...
+= Compatibility =
+||0.6||Doesn't work||
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