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Describe Lua pattern-matching capabilities in JID matching
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 FROM: admin@<*>
+You can also use [ Lua's pattern matching] for more powerful matching abilities. Patterns are a lightweight regular-expression alternative. Simply contain the pattern in double angle brackets. The pattern is automatically anchored at the start and end (so it must match the entire portion of the JID).
+# Match, and, etc.
+FROM: <<admin%d*>>
 *Note:* It is important to know that '' is a valid JID on its own, and does *not* match ''. To perform domain whitelists or blacklists, use Zones.
 *Note:* Some chains execute before Prosody has performed any normalisation or validity checks on the to/from JIDs on an incoming stanza. It is not advisable to perform access control or similar rules on JIDs in these chains (see the chain documentation for more info).