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mod_s2s_auth_fingerprint: Describe cert pinning mode
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 = Introduction =
 This module allows you to explicitly say that you trust remote servers if they show a certificate with a known fingerprint.
+This is useful if you have many connections to servers that use self-signed certificates.
+= Details =
+In the default mode, the module will only mark connections as trusted *if* their certificate matches one of the fingerprints listed.
+If it doesn't match, the status of the standard PKIX and identity validation is preserved.
+Thus it is easy to switch from a self-signed certificate to a CA-signed certificate.
+The module has an optional mode in which it will reject listed servers that don't match one of the listed fingerprints, aka certificate pinning.
+Servers not listed in the configuration are not affected.
 = Configuration =
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+To enable certificate pinning mode, set {{{s2s_pin_fingerprints = true}}}
 = Compatibility =
+||0.8||Doesn't work||