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 To translate a file, you can use a dedicated tool as the excellent gtranslator:
 - use the template .po file (e.g. sat.po) and name it to your translated language (e.g. fr.po for french); you can preferably generate a new template directly from the source with the following command (eventually adapted, the following command use zsh's globbing syntax), launched from root sat dir:
-> xgettext -L python -d sat --keyword=D_ -p i18n  **/*(.py|.tac|primitivus|wix|jp)(.)
+> xgettext -L python -d sat --keyword=D_ -p i18n  **/*(.py|.tac|primitivus|wix)(.) **/jp(.)
 - then to start a new translation, copy i18n/sat.po to your language file, e.g. cd i18n; cp sat.po fr.po